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Innovative Finance Expo, the largest international innovative financial expo, covers defi crypto, foreign exchange, payment and financial technology. We have been established since 2014 and have a history of 8 years. We have been working hard to create a platform for knowledge sharing and resource docking in the field of innovative finance. You are welcome to join us.
  • About IFINEXPO

    With the continuous emergence of new financial products and services, such as DeFi, cryptocurrencies, forex, payment, and fintech, the existing financial market environment is disrupted. We are committed to building a knowledge sharing and resource docking platform in the field of innovative finance

  • Definition of IFINEXPO

    Cryptocurrency industry chain, foreign exchange industry chain, payment technology and other financial technologies,Innovative ideas, innovative products, innovative services.

  • The target

    Create the largest platform for Innovative financial industry knowledge sharing and resource docking, provide information resources and solutions for the development of Innovative financial industry enterprises, and help enterprises create a professional and high-end brand image

  • Goal & Mission

    Establish a high-end and professional image; Build a knowledge sharing and resource docking platform; Provide information resources and solutions for enterprises to survive and develop.

Who will come to the event ?
  • Crypto enterprise

    Cryptocurrency industry chain companies, cryptocurrency technology, cryptocurrency solutions companies, cryptocurrency exchanges, market value management companies

  • NFT

    Digital warrant companies with NFT as assets stored on the blockchain include NFT + collectibles / works of art, NFT + games, NFT + metauniverse, etc

  • Forex and Online Trading

    Foreign exchange and online trading are very popular trading methods for investors. With the rise of online trading, there are more and more companies providing the latest technology and services for online trading. Here we invite the most cutting-edge online trading. Company and executive engagement events

  • payment

    The payment industry makes transactions easier and more convenient. We invited the heads of the upstream and downstream industries of the payment industry to participate in the event to talk about the new trends in the development of the payment industry.

  • Fintech

    Fintech is widely used in various fields of finance. Technology makes finance more efficient. Many Fintech companies and executives will show you the charm of finance given by technology.

What will you get from here?
  • More valuable sharing

    Professionals interpret crypto industry deeply, meanwhile we provide a platform for you and your peers to communicate.

  • More effective attendances

    We gain our clients through marketing promotions and have them all registrated to ensure more efficient attendances.

  • Convenient expo experience

    At luxury hotels, we provide a pleasing communication environment, offer free booth set up services, reduce your cost, and carry out your business in one step.

Representatives of famous entrepreneurs and scholars
Kirill Beliaev

Financial Markets Analyst at FBS

Daren Teh

Regional Head of Sales at WeTrade

Marcus Fetherston

Director of Operations of Eightcap

Terrence Hooi

CEO & Co-founder of Singular

Yoni Assia

CEO of eToro

Drew Niv

Investor, Executive Trader Tools

Harpal Sandhu

CEO of Integral

Kris Marszalek

Founder at Crypto.com

Michael Gronager

Founder & CEO of Chainalysis

Iskandar Akef Najjar

Group CEO Equiti Group Limited

Innovative Finance Exhibition is a professional exhibition in the financial industry, bringing together industry agents, industry executives, and industry professional companies to open up more possibilities for your financial business. It is an event not to be missed by financial practitioners

The largest international innovative financial expo, building a platform for knowledge sharing and resource docking


The largest innovative financial expo

  • Forex Industry

    Make profitable transmission about the company culture and objectives through the valuable content

  • Blockchain & Payment industry

    Comprehensively introduce the blockchain industry, share the latest views and concepts, and share cutting-edge information on the payment industry

Sep.19 2023

9:00AM - 12:00AM Topic

Forex industry development

1. Prospects of the foreign exchange industry in East Asia

2. How to develop business in the Southeast Asian market more effectively?

3. East Asian foreign exchange market regulation

4. How to develop an agent

5. Development and management of asset management market

Opportunities and Challenges of Malaysian Market Expansion (Roundtable Forum)

Investment Analysis

Sep.19 2023.

13:30PM - 17:00PM Topic

6. How to do a good job in investor education

7. Review of recent market trends

8. Where are the opportunities in the current market?

9. Practical review of technical analysis and fundamental analysis

10. EA trading actual combat sharing

What opportunities and challenges does the global situation bring to the market

Sep.20 2023

AM 9.00-12:00


In the development stage of the cryptocurrency industry, how far is there to go, and when will it become mainstream?

Why must the mainstream currency in the future not be legal currency?

The road to legalization of cryptocurrencies

When Will Crypto's Biggest App Appear Again?

Current Super Apps in the Crypto Market

Sep.20 2023


The challenges facing the world of digital assets today and how to ensure business continuity and minimize disruption when geopolitical turmoil begins

Future-proof solutions that protect our most valuable assets

Challenges facing the digital asset world after the outbreak of geopolitical turmoil

How to ensure business continuity and minimal disruption

Future-proof solutions to protect our most valuable assets

The development history and future development direction of encryption technology

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Sets up the professional, high-end brand image Construct the knowledge sharing and resources docking platform provide the crypto enterprise survival and development of information resources and solutions.

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Sets up the professional, high-end brand image Construct the knowledge sharing and resources docking platform provide the cyrpto enterprise survival and development of information resources and solutions.

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Where will the expo be held?
Sep.19-20. 2023 Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur City Centre Wilayah Persekutuan

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